HIT is not merely a tool to kill mosquitos, HIT is a brand that understands how mothers are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to protect their families

  • Brand : HIT

  • Company : Godrej Indonesia

  • category : CONSUMER GOODS

  • campaign : HIT Mother of the Year

HIT Mother of the Year

Perlidungan Terinspirasi dari Ibu

the objectives

To celebrate Mother’s Day in Indonesia, HIT wants to take the opportunity to position themselves to be the top-of-mind brand who provides the right insecticide solution for all mothers, who will selflessly and lovingly go to any measure to give the best protection and care for their dearest ones.

our approach

  1. To create awareness on social media approaching Mother’s Day, we launched a HIT campaign revolving around inspiring mother figures in a set of well-rounded categories such as life, education, social, health, and environment.
  2. To engage HIT fans and reach more people, they were invited to nominate a and vote for their chosen Mother of The Year. The campaign poster was boosted on Facebook to amplify reach.
  3. Meanwhile we have a prepared a campaign video to launch on Mother’s Day and ran YouTube advertising to create a maximum impact.

our services

Social Media Marketing, Digital Campaign Activation, Video Production, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Brand Lift Survey

the results

Reached a total of 701.161 people on Facebook

Gained 1.949 campaign submissions which exceeded the client’s given KPI of 1.000 submissions

Most importantly, the HIT campaign has successfully highlighted the inspiring roles of mothers and paved open the way to launch the HIT Hari Ibu video.


HIT Hari Ibu

We visited a school to interview a few elementary school kids about their mother's protection. The video of each child’s interview was shown to their mothers and we filmed their reactions.

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