In 2015, the first BERGAMOT® Detoxify Shampoo was introduced in Indonesia

  • Brand : BERGAMOT®

  • Company : Odinric-Thai Co. Ltd.

  • category : CONSUMER GOODS

  • campaign : Bergamot Detoxify Shampoo

Bergamot Social Media Content - Product Knowledge

Bergamot Social Media Content - Hair Treatment

the objectives

To build a two-way communication and build loyalty with consumers in Indonesia To create awareness to their featured product BERGAMOT® Detoxify Shampoo to the Indonesian market

our approach

  1. WEBARQ Activate launched Bergamot's Facebook and Instagram on August 2016 
  2. We provive content that resonates with their target market and adds value to their product 

our services

Social Media Content Plan, Social Media Campaign

the results

By providing the consumers with valuable information in relation to hair care and beauty, BERGAMOT® established a strong and favorable social media presence in Indonesia