ÉPRISE is a chic fashion brand based in Indonesia with a growingly popular online presence

  • Brand : ÉPRISE

  • Company : ABI Retail Group

  • category : RETAIL

  • campaign : ÉPRISE Clothing

ÉPRISE Product Promotion

ÉPRISE Quote: Style is Forever

the objectives

To build a strong online presence for ÉPRISE clothing brand
To gain popularity amongst the women target market for ÉPRISE brand 

our approach

  1. We designed and developed a Responsive and user-friendly Ecommerce website for ÉPRISE that enables consumers to browse and shop conveniently
  2. We activated ÉPRISE's social media presence on popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to deliver content that attracts their target market

our services

Website Design & Development, Responsive Web Design, Ecommerce, Social Media Content Plan

the results

Has Attained over 22K Fans on Facebook

ÉPRISE online presence has successfully grabbed the desired women target market in Indonesia