Erwin Gutawa Music School (EGMS) is a music education institution founded by Erwin Gutawa, an Indonesian musician, specifically designed to answer all musical aspirations in Indonesia

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Erwin Gutawa - Music Course

the objectives

To build Erwin Gutawa Music School's digital presence and increase awareness and engagement through effective social media content strategy that resonates with the target market, especially those who have interest in music.

our approach

  1. We established content marketing on Erwin Gutawa Music School's social media assets (Facebook and Instagram)
  2. We provided relevant content marketing related to Erwin Gutawa and his music, and music in general
  3. We also provide social media content about Erwin Gutawa Music School's curriculum and management team, music programs, facilities, and events

our services

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Content, Digital Campaign Activation, Community Management

the results

Attained 47k fans on Facebook and 5.3k followers on Instagram

Increased awareness and engaged its target market by providing relevant and valuable social media content