Indomtech is an annual event has become a must-visit for technophiles in Indonesia to find information about the latest IT innovations

  • Brand : Indocomtech

  • Company : API EVENTS

  • category : LIFESTYLE

  • campaign : The Internet of Things

Indocomtech 2015 Annual Event

Indocomtech 2015 - The Internet of Things

Indocomtech 2015 on Facebook and Instagram

the objectives

To create awareness to the upcoming Indocomtech 2015 event To drive traffic to the event on 28 October - 1 November 2015

our approach

  1. 4 months leading up to the event, we drive awareness by running daily content marketing on Indocomtech's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  2. We encourage user Engagement through interactive quizzes and other social media campaigns
  3. By running ads on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to amplify reach to the target market

our services

Social Media Content Plan, Social Media Campaign, Article Writing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Display Network

the results

Gained an increase of 22.1K Facebook Fans in 4 Months

Gained 1.5K Instagram Followers in 4 Months

This digital marketing campaign has successfully engaged the target audience