Mitu aspires to help Moms bond and enjoy their time with their children. Their products keeps children away from stains, germs, and other mess.

  • Brand : MITU BABY

  • Company : Godrej Indonesia

  • category : CONSUMER GOODS

  • campaign : Lomba Foto Mimpi Si Kecil

Lomba Foto Mimpi Si Kecil

Tips mengajarkan hal baru kepada si Kecil

Bebaskan Si Kecil Bereksplorasi

the objectives

To communicate Mitu’s key message which is to encourage Moms to allow freedom in exploration for their little children because it is how they play and learn to grow To position Mitu as the brand who is always ready to take care of the mess that may occur when their children explore the environment

our approach

To highlight the importance of exploration and engage Moms with this topic, we launched a photo contest on social media with three exploration themes: “Mimpiku dalam Bereksplorasi”, “Senyum Ganti Popok”, and “Explorasi Mandi”.

Moms were invited to pick their preferred themes and submit exploration photos of their babies and toddlers accordingly.

our services

Social Media Content Plan, Digital Campaign Activation, Facebook Ads

the results

Gained 7.3M Impressions on Facebook during 1 month campaign period

Reached a total of 2.7M people on Facebook during 1 month campaign period

212K Users Engaged with the campaign poster and achieved 3.8K Participants

We successfully communicated the idea of freedom of exploration to promote learning and happiness for children