Stella Air Freshener is no stranger to around 15 million households and well loved by the women in Indonesia since 1933

  • Brand : STELLA

  • Company : Godrej Indonesia

  • category : CONSUMER GOODS

  • campaign : #StellaCare4UrCar

Stella Car Perfume

#StellaCare4UrCar Campaign Poster


the objectives

To introduce Stella Car Perfume to the Indonesian market and highlight its 3 USP (durable, not easy to leak, and easy to set)

Following Stella’s goal to transform people’s mood through fresh fragrances, we need to communicate the same thing about Stella Car Perfume: that it uplifts your mood in every car ride.

our approach

  1. Launch a digital activation to raise awareness about car care by inviting Stella users to recommend their dear ones’ dirty/ messy/ smelly car by submitting a photo + story via Facebook & Twitter to receive a surprise makeover by Stella

  2. After successfully creating buzz with #StellaCare4UrCar campaign on social media, choosing the winner who recommended her father allows us to engage a real Stella user to experience the mood transformation inspired by the new Stella Car Perfume after the car makeover

  3. The 3 USP of the product (durable, not easy to leak, and easy to set) were testified by a real user in a heartfelt manner when we filmed the winner and her father throughout the surprise car makeover.

our services

Social Media Management, Digital Campaign Activation, Video Production, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads

the results

Reached almost 2M people in only 10 days on Facebook 

Gained a total of 564 car makeover recommendations in 10 days via Facebook & Twitter

Contributed an increase of 26.5K Fans on Facebook during the campaign period



Watch the heartwarming surprise that Stella gave for a loving daughter who wishes to express her love to her father by transforming his car

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