As a newly launched product in the market, WEBARQ brought awareness to Biskies by building a social media presence that embraces a positive “balanced life” targeted to young modern women

  • Brand : Biskies

  • Company : PT Munchy Indonesia

  • category : CONSUMER GOODS

  • campaign : Biskies Balance Time

Biskies Balance Time Campaign Poster

Sandra Dewi as one of the Influencer on Biskies #BalanceItuEnak campaign

Social Media Photography result for #BalanceItuEnak

the objectives

To introduce and position Biskies brand into the lifestyle of these young modern women To highlight the idea of living a good balanced life and correlate it strongly with their brand

our approach

  1. We created and promoted the hashtag #BalanceItuEnak to represent Biskies’ brand philosophy and incorporate it to our creative content creation
  2. We launched a social media campaign that supports the concept of balanced living
  3. We engaged and managed a number of suitable buzzers to promote the campaign as well as represent the desired target market

our services

Social Media Content Plan, Creative Content Creation: Photography, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Buzzers & Influencer Engagement

the results

Gained +1.1K Instagram Followers during 4 weeks campaign period (more than 100% increase compared to the previous month)

Acquired 21K Facebook Fans in 4 Weeks and +15K increase in Talking About This

Gained more than 400 #BalanceItuEnak creative photo submissions

This digital marketing campaign has successfully engaged the target audience.